Thursday, 20 October 2016

Open Letter To The VC, University of Maiduguri, Prof. Ibrahim Njodi - Admission Seeker

The dream of every young Nigerian is to gain admission after high school into a higher course of study. But, this dream has over the years been shattered following huge favoritism and corruption of the admission process in most tertiary institutions, resulting in a rather pitiable state where those with the drive, zeal and commitment to study are left to stay at home and engage in odd jobs. Read an open letter from a victim pictured to the VC, University of Maiduguri after the cut...

Sir, with much love i wish to appreciate the good works, innovation and development you've brought to this great prestigious institution. Your zeal and will power to make the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) stand out among its contemporaries is laudable.

Under your watch sir, the University has experience a tremendous improvement in the areas of educational research, peace, development in all the various disciplines, colleges, faculties, departments. It is indeed because of your tireless efforts structured in place that has brought about the over 174 graduands soaring higher with a first class degree in College of Medicine.

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Your zeal, determination and hard-work makes you stand out among your contemporaries. May God endow you with the will to do even much more, indeed you've left your foot in the sands of time. Your name has been inscribed on the walls of our hearts.

But sir, I seems not to understand how the admission process and policy of our great institution is being run. I am an aspirant with 244 in my 2016/17 Utme JAMB and am an indigene of Adamawa State I got 8 Credits, 1 distinction in my O Level result.

UNIMAID prides itself of being an institution that gives admission based on merits. Sure no doubt but am caught up in between places as to how true this is? Above all merits, I merit to be in the first batch UTME admissions released but was denied.

Sir, with much respect to your office please try and review the admission policy cause it tends to favor the institution's cabals. Thank you.
Yours Faithfully.
David Samuel.


  1. That's a good one David. i salute your courage to say out your mind, which happens to be the truth. All the best as we look forward to seeing the Vice Chancellor acting to correct these ills.

  2. This is indeed a bold step in the right direction,David.I pray this will draw the attention of the VC and act upon the admission process in the institution.

  3. That is you from Adamawa,did you bother to what percentage of aspirants like you from Borno state most esp. from Maiduguri the state capital got admission this year,try to find out... in fact we are clueless on where this present administration is heading to,the worse is children from the university community whose parent are serving the university for many years but they were not given the opportunity to study there,I had less than 10% of the got admitted into the university and they have everything it takes to be admitted. I heard that he is punishing some people who did not support his appointment as VC,most esp. the Kanuris while he forgot that the did everything for him to be who he is today.Therefore think there might be a reason why you haven't got the admission.

  4. Dear brothers and sisters,
    This is something that is already designed and planed by Almighty Allah, the best planer, even before this era something alike was happening. I have surffered for three consecutive years in the past era before geting the so called ADMISSION with my full requirements. So don't put blame on any person or addmission committee.

  5. Dear David!! Your write up is courageous, I pray you secure the admission. Its possible the course you applied for is competitive and your JAMB score wont secure you admission. Unlike before, 244 point is a serious score in JAMB. Lately, 244 is a joke because every Tom, Dick and Harry can hit that point and may not have anything upstairs. I cant seem to reconcile that. A typical kanuri man cannot coup schooling anywhere else than Unimaid. In unimaid, they can snap their fingers and get academic favors on basis of ethnic or religious inclination, as it best suits them. I pray the institution will surpass these new trend. God help us all

  6. Weldon Mr David for very informative write up and keep trying your luck bcos getting admission in unimaid is almost a luck or background. It happens to me when I applied for six (6) consecutive yrs that was from 2000 to 2006 b4 I got into the UNIMAID but now I'm graduate.
    Thank God for all that happens


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