Thursday, 3 November 2016

Meet The Naija Online Queen Of Comedy: Shytalkactive

Just like the charming smile you see in the picture above, this lady is all classic, lovely and funny. I call her the Naija Instagram Queen of Comedy.

So I had a little chat with her recently and these were what she had to say. Read our chat after the cut...

Can we please meet you?
My name is Miriam Peters, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performing Arts. I love soccer, lifestyle, makeup and good music. I fancy radio and Television respectively. I was born on the 29th of November the year I was born (lol).

Why did you go into comedy?
I went into comedy because it was popular demand (lol) I say that because even people in my family can seldom tell when I am acting, playing on their intelligence or being serious. A lot of people say no wonder you studied Theatre Arts. The thing is I decided to put all of what people enjoy when they are with me for others to enjoy as well.

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Which will you say is your best clip?
I honestly do not have a best clip, however I feel a clip is good when I see the number of comments, reposts and shares. AY the comedian, posted my Wazobia video and it felt really good to see that.

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So how can fans connect with you?
As per my social media handles...well, for Instagram:  @shytalkactive
Snapchat: shy_talkactive
Twitter: @shyTALKactive
YouTube: Peters Miriam
Facebook: Miriam Peters

Your advice to Nigerian youths?
Hmmm. I see Youths doing really well I must say; that is not to say every youth is doing what they ought to do. Find what you love doing, something you can do for free, something you need little or no support to achieve, make it your joy and once you have peace of mind? Go for it!

Never fail to introduce yourself or tell people what you do or would love to do, you don’t know who is listening, interested or does something similar. Have a mentor either in your chosen field or someone who you appreciate.

What if I wanted to become a comedian?
For intending comediennes/comedians... start now. Stop waiting for the right moment. The right event makes a time right. Be inspired by whatever inspires you.

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Thanks for your time dear
Anytime, plus thank you for having me.

My favorite!

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