Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter Folks: Believe In Yourself

I have a playlist in my music gallery that contains tracks that are very dear to my heart. I took solace in these songs during the period I consider the toughest moment of my life. They offered reassurance of a brighter day when I was down.

One of these tracks is "The Legendary Hustler" by Olamide. The song which came with his debut album featured Reminisce and 9ice. There is something I have always found inexplicably unique about this song. But I did not find out what it is until Olamide was no longer the upcoming artiste he was when the album came out.

Olamide began the track with an intro that has now become engraved in my heart. It is an acknowledgement that goes thus,' ID Cabasa, thank you for making me to believe in myself '. One needs to listen to Olamide hit bangers nowadays to wonder if it is the same Olamide that uttered those humble words at a particular point in his life. Is it not ironic that the unstoppable and overconfident Olamide Badoo could have needed someone to make him believe in his own undeniable talent before he could soar? Is it not amazing to know that this same dude was once unsure of himself?  Note that he did not say thanks for believing in me but "thanks for making me to believe in myself".

What am I driving at? Sometimes we need people to believe in us to make us soar to the height we are destined for. But not all of us will find an ID Cabasa to help us to believe in ourselves. I am lucky I had mine in Tayo Marcus at a point in my life. Not all of us will be as lucky.  Therefore my charge this day is that we should believe in ourselves. This is  the best thing we can give ourselves in life. I am writing to some of us that we are finding ourselves in the exact opposite of  what we dream of. That dream can still come true. We can still reach that height we envision whenever we close our eyes. What we need is someone to believe in us. And the best candidate for that job is our personal selves.  Nobody has any obligation to believe in you when you don't even believe in yourself.

The world belongs to dreamers. The system might be designed to frustrate us but we must always be encouraged by the success stories of those whose dreams have come true against all odds. The other day I read somewhere that Patoranking once lived in a house without toilet in Lagos... If these people can, forget it, nothing stops any of us.

Special shout out to someone I look up to who pursued his dreams against such odds in person of Ayo Quincy Durodola.

Big up to my niccurs who have chosen to pursue their dreams even when no one seemed to believe in you.This piece is dedicated to al'ya.

Credit: -Adedayo Olaoluwa Fisayo (Ogbeni La)

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