Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The #KnackStory (Episode 2)

What will you eat? IFE asked. In my mind I answered, "YOUR LIPS". "Anything will be good for me'' - was all I could mutter. After the meal which was longer than I had thought; we discussed, from politics, to fashion, lifestyle, business and everything in between.

All I could stare at was his natural pink lips, how cute they look, how they moved as they made sounds.

''What else should I offer you?" "Nothing", I said, answering his question.
"Are you sure? Maybe I should get you some fruits since you said you love them after meals". "That will be okay", I replied.

Before I could say Jack Robinson, he was out the door to get the fruits. Then thoughts started running through my head, should I tell him I want to kiss him again when he arrives? Maybe I should just kiss him immediately he enters.

IFE is not the kind of guy that would see me as being cheap if I made the first move. I know him too well.
My mind is made up, once he enters, I will brush my lips with his. If he wants more, I will give him and if he doesn't, that would hurt, but I won't die of shame. I will know I tried.

I heard his knock, I headed to the door and opened it.
This is the moment! Knack must happen today.


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