Thursday, 11 May 2017

The #KnackStory (Episode 3)

I have gotten a lot of calls and mails as to why I have not been posting recently. And I greatly appreciate the care and concern shown. But I must assure that I'm working on making these droughts a thing of the past. That said, do enjoy the read of the 3rd episode of your favorite #KnackStory after the cut.

'What took you so long' were the first words I uttered. He explained that he had to go extra mile to get the fruits. He returned from the kitchen with a plate filled with pawpaw and cucumber. My eyes shined when I saw the cucumber.

'Will it be enough?' he asked. I said yes and I didn't know what happened next. All I remember was that we were kissing like two hungry lovers. I could hardly breath, I just wanted more of this sensational feeling.

Within minutes, we were both naked. As the penetration was about to occur I told to be gentle because it was my first time.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that because his hard rod softened and IFE withdrawed from me. I asked what the problem was and he said we can't KNACK.

I asked him why with tears almost dropping from my eyes. Why will you bring me to the middle of the road if you know you won't finish the journey with me?

All IFE said was that he just couldn't. Silence filled the room like air.


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